Josie Cyffka (President) --
Josie holds a degree in accounting as well as an MBA from the University of Southern California. She worked at a Big 5 accounting firm until retiring to raise a family. All three of her children play musical instruments, as do Josie and her husband. The whole family feels that live performances of music and theater are incomparable experiences, and recognizes the importance of venues for local and regional groups to perform in Calabasas. Josie has served as Treasurer of various nonprofit organizations as either a paid employee and as a volunteer.

Tiffany Gambardella (Secretary) -- Tiffany is a fresh graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Music Education. Playing music has been a significant part of her life for more than a decade and has helped her to develop a deep appreciation for all types of performing arts. She has performed with her high school and college ensembles at reknowned venues such as Symphony Hall in Boston and Lincoln Center in New York City. She is currently pursuing a career as a middle school band teacher and playing trumpet with the Los Angeles Symphonic Winds.

Loretta 'Lori' Young  (Historian) -- Lori’s involvement in performing arts traces back to her high school drama club and cheerleading squad. She was even offered a college cheerleading scholarship to Indiana State University, but instead chose to study English History at Ball State. Later, she graduated from the Patricia Stevens Modeling School in Chicago. Over the years, Lori has been a model, a scuba diver, an equestrian, and a student of Tai Chi. She spent more than forty years working in Human Resources at Rocketdyne in Canoga Park, where she witnessed firsthand the development of rocket engines from the U.S. entry into the space race in 1958 up through to the Space Shuttle program. She has hired rocket scientists and has witnessed rocket and shuttle launches from the Kennedy Space Center and Houston Control.Lori has always had a strong appreciation of the arts, and has been a season ticket holder to the Ahmanson Theatre for more than 30 years. Since her retirement from Rocketdyne, Lori has been deeply interested in developing the Arts in Calabasas, and hopes that one day we will build a theatre to present the Arts here in our beautiful city.

Stephanie Cooper (Advisory Board Liaison) -- Stephanie is a graduate of Mt. St. Mary’s College in Brentwood, California, and taught elementary school for several years. She later graduated from UCLA Law School, and is now a mother, a grandmother, and a part-time attorney. Stephanie feels strongly that Calabasas deserves to be a cultural center where all the arts can flourish.

Dr. Bradley Bobbs (Community Liaison) --
Bradley's support for the arts in Calabasas is motivated not only by his commitment to the community, but also by his desire to see his artistically and musically accomplished children and girlfriend perform and exhibit here. Since coming to Calabasas in 2002, he has become active in many local community organizations and events. Bradley holds a PhD in Physics from UCLA, headed a research team in Calabasas advancing a new kind of laser, and is currently Development Lead for simulation of telescopes in orbit.

Dylan Busse (Publicity Director) --
Dylan has a degree in Business Administration - Marketing, a Certificate in Marketing, and extensive experience in Internet marketing. She has played key roles in planning, implementing, contributing, and coordinating publicity efforts for a variety of nonprofit organizations, where she has enjoyed working with many talented, dedicated, and inspiring volunteers. She has pursued her passion for theater at Second City, Ivana Chubbuck Studio, and Stella Adler. Dylan is honored to be part of Spotlight The Arts..

Gordon Durich (Artistic Director) --
Gordon is a writer and producer, and he loves to create new art in his spare time. He holds a B.A. degree in Media Studies, which he worked toward while acting in film, TV, radio, and theatre in Australia. Since moving to California in 1993, Gordon has performed in, written, and produced material for stage and screen. His original play “Grandmas Rock!” debuted at the Calabasas Motion Picture and Television Fund, and has been recorded for radio broadcast, featuring Rose Marie of the Dick Van Dyke Show. Gordon sees Calabasas as becoming a hub for the arts.

Judy Bernstein --
Judy Bernstein has lived in Calabasas since 2004 and has two grown children and two grandchildren. She has always supported the Arts, and has been a member of "The Group" which sponsors scholarships to students at Otis College of Design in Westchester, CA.
Judy has been an active volunteer for The Wellness Community in West Los Angeles, helping in fund raising, outreach coordination, and event planning. Judy owned a Bridal Salon for many years, has worked in property management, and is currently a Senior Residential Placement Advisor and a Certified Residential Care Facility Administrator for Assisted Living Communities. Judy believes that Calabasas is a wonderful community that supports the theater and venues to showcase our local talent as well as talent from the Entertainment Community at large.

Tom Shubert (Technology Director) --
Tom is a 30+ year veteran IT Consultant who has lived in Calabasas with his wife Shelly since 1991 - before the city was a city!  He is the father of 4 children, 2 of which are currently earning their degrees in Musical Theatre.  Tom's eldest son, Taylor, attends the Boston Conservatory while is second son, Dylan, attends the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati.  Taylor has produced a number of cabarets for Spotlight and Dylan has performed in each of these shows.  Tom holds a B.A. in Psychology and Biology from Emory University in Atlanta Georgia. Tom envisions a Calabasas where a person can stroll down to the community theater any weekend to catch a great play or muscial performance at a very affordable price.